Chicken and Leek Family Pie

Pies, glorious pies from the Small Town Pie Co.

Ingredients: Chicken, Pastry (Wheat flour, Vegetable Margarine (vegetable fats & Oils, Emulsifiers(471, 322, [soy-derived]), Acidity Regulator 330, Antioxidant 307b), Water, Salt, Preservative 202, Dough Conditioner 920.) Onion, Celery, Leek, Thyme, Vegetable stock (Salt, dehydrated vegetables (carrot, parsnip, potato, onion, celery, parsley leaves) flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate), sugar, spices, maize starch, colour (riboflavin)), Pepper, Cornflour, Egg.