At Produce À la carte, we’ve been delivering fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices to Melbourne’s premier restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs, takeaways, hotels, and businesses since 2010.

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How we do business

If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, why should you or your customers?

Where possible, each fruit and vegetable is handpicked daily by us from the markets to ensure it passes our strict quality testing.

Ready to place your order? Simply call our team on 1300 776 382, fill out an enquiry form below OR, try our new mobile app, making ordering simple and convenient for the busy Business Owners, Chef”s & Managers out there.

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Get in touch

Feel free to get in touch with us about your fresh produce needs.

If you need assistance with produce that requires specific shipping handling, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss:

Australia Office                                

611 Flinders Street
World Trade Centre Tower 4 Level 10
Melbourne Victoria 3005

P: 1300 776 382